LOCATION: Westminster, CO

Square Footage: 2,500
West View Recreation Center made a great choice by selecting Cybex for its strength equipment. Cybex creates and manufactures premium quality exercise equipment that is designed to deliver unparalleled results for first-time users to professional athletes. West View Recreation Center leads the way by having the first installation of Cybex Eagle NX Strength Equipment in the State of Colorado. This new equipment is more versatile and user-friendly, and it allows users to train with confidence in machine-defined movements or progress to more advanced user-defined movements. Deb Larson, the City of Westminster Recreation Supervisor, said that the decision to use Commercial Fitness Solutions and ultimately Cybex was because she had tried the equipment herself and knew that it was what she wanted to see in the renovation. Patti Bippus, West View’s Facility Assistant, expressed “Ken made us comfortable with dramatically improving out facility through a complete redesign of the fitness area and investing in top shelf Cybex equipment. Ken truly went above the competition to help us improve our facility.” She was also impressed with the science behind Cybex’s designs, which ensures that their equipment is optimized for the best fitness results.