Ideal for physical therapy and rehabilitation

Misc.:  Concept2 SkiErg

Build strength and endurance with the NEW ski ergometer and training tool from Concept2.  Nordic skiing is an exhilarating and aerobically demanding sport, so it's no surprise that Nordic skiers are extremely fit athletes. The SkiErg makes this terrific aerobic exercise accessible to anyone. Each pull engages the arms, shoulders, core and legs in a downwards "crunch," using body weight to help accelerate the handles.

SciFit:  Latitude Lateral Stability Trainer

Help reduce the risk of falls with the world's first recumbent lateral stability trainer. Weakened stabilizatoin muscles in older adults and rehabilitatoin exercisers can increase fall risks and trigger a cycle of inactivity.  

The Latitude Trainer uses an innovative motion to help people of all fitness levels build the right muscles - and confidence to stay active - in an easy-to-use engaging way.  191 resistance levels at increments of 0.1 allow users to start where they’re comfortable and progressively build from there. Bi-directional circular motion activates muscles used for stability and side-to-side movements reducing the risk of falls. Ideal for people of all fitness levels including older adults and the rehabilitation exerciser.  

Warranty: 3 Year Parts, 2 Year Drive System and Cranks, 1 Year Labor.

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SciFit:  Pro 2

The PRO2 and PRO2 Sport couple SCIFIT's Iso-Strength program with bi-directional resistance, to provide a total body strength and cardio workout - on one machine.

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SciFit:  REX

The SCIFIT REX is a total body recumbent elliptical that offers a smooth, natural movement that allows comfortable, effective exercise. REX's unique program options and bi-directional resistance provide an exceptional total body workout.

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