Functional Training

Intro copy for Functional Training.

Cybex:  Cybex Bravo All In One Functional Trainer
BRAVO ALL-IN-ONE FUNCTIONAL TRAINER COMPLETE STRENGTH SOLUTION Functional Training with hundreds of movements in a single space-efficient machine. Users no longer have to make a choice between workloads high enough to build strength and free-form patterns of movement that train for real-world applications - like golf or tennis. The Bravo delivers both for faster fitness results.
Cybex:  FT325 Functional Trainer
The Cybex FT-325 approaches functional strength training by offering both integrated motion and higher loading for the optimum result.  The unique patent-pending design adds two key features to revolutionize training applications - the Progressive Stabilization Pad, which allows the user to incrementally modify their stability, and the Cable Width Adjustment, which results in inumerable height and width configurations. Download PDF
Inflight:  FT1000S Functional Training
Offers 24 exercise heights to accomodate a wide range of users and exercises. Download PDF