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 The CFS team and specifically Ken, helped create an equipment plan, floor plan and was available for questions throughout our process. It is Ken’s knowledge and expertise that made me feel comfortable with the decisions we made with our new purchases. I am especially thankful for the suggestion of the “red” cage, it is amazing and eye catching! We are also thrilled with our Total Access pieces.

 Renee Rogers
Fitness Coordinator
Silverthorne Recreation Center

 We – I – really appreciate all the time you have spent with Tony and I making the decisions about the weight room. We feel great about the time we invested and the quality of the equipment we purchased.

Veronica Mueller
Fitness Supervisor
Paul Derda Recreation Center 

"I just wanted to send you a personal thank you for your assistance with the fitness equipment and recommendations. My clients absolutely LOVE the new machines and so do I!! They have been a big hit at the senior center as well. Nothing like encouraging movement. Thanks for everything!!"


Claudette Watts
Fitness Trainer
Shining Mountain Diabetes Program

“Commercial Fitness Solu!ons provided our team excellent hands-on customer service as we selected equipment and created the ideal layout for our fitness center. Their involvement con!nued throughout installa!on and training. The en!re process went smoothly and we now have a fabulous,
well used fitness center for the businesses in our building.”


Anne Hayes
Vice President and Project Manager
Westfield Company, Inc.

"We have relied on Commercial Fitness Solutions for their vision and insight for several remodel and expansion projects in the Ritchie Center and Physical Therapy Centers. They provided invaluable insight and advice as well as extremely thoughtful design practices to every one of our projects".


Stuart Halsall
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Internal Operations
University of Denver
Denver, Colorado

“Based on your recommendations, we have rearranged the equipment, which has resulted in a weight room that seems bigger, flows better, and is safer for our students.”

“It has been a pleasure working with you and on behalf of all my students, thank you for caring about improving the health and wellness of our youth.”

Maria Peters, Conditioning and Wellness Teacher
Ranch View Middle School

“CFS has proven to be the finest when it comes to design of our new facilities as well as ideas for
renovation of our older centers.”

JoAnn N. Gould, CPRP, Manager of Recreation Services and Facilities
South Suburban Parks and Recreation District, Colorado

“The staff at CFS is patient, knowledgeable and thorough. Partnering with them is a positive and
educational experience.”


Shelly Pawlowski, Recreation Supervisor
Scheitler Recreation Center 
City of Denver, CO

“CFS has been my source for reliable, durable equipment on many projects. Their accessibility and
customer service have exceeded my expectations.”

Mark Gunther, Facility Supervisor
Recreation Center at Southridge
Highlands Ranch, CO

“The team at CFS has always been very approachable and pleasant to work with. I know I can turn to them for practical, effective solutions.”

Jan van der Sanden, Recreation Program and Facility Supervisor
Carpenter Recreation Center
Thornton, CO