By providing your residents with the best equipment and thoughtful design you clearly demonstrate your commitment to quality and to your residents health. Commercial Fitness Solutions will work with you to bring the ‘wow factor’ to any space.


For over 20 years, CFS has been a national leader in park and recreation center consulting. Whether it’s a new build, remodel, or simply repurposing space in your facility, our team of experts have the knowledge to help you do it right the first time. CFS has earned the trust of hundreds of facilities through integrity, honesty, and thoughtful designs.


Attract top talent and keep employees motivated to come into the office with on-site fitness and wellness/recovery zones. Our wide selection of fitness and recovery/relaxation equipment helps employees achieve work life balance and thrive with an on-site fitness center.


Movement is the key to longevity. CFS guides your design for 55+ as well as the entire continuum of care (IL, AL, or MC). We create spaces that encourage residents to enhance their physical well-being and quality of life. Commercial Fitness Solutions offers equipment designed for accessibility, safety, and ease of use.



Commercial Fitness Solutions brings vast experience in the field of education. From primary to higher ed, CFS works with physical education, recreation, and athletics departments on any size project. From designing a state-of-the-art sports performance facility to providing a classroom with fitness accessories, CFS has you covered.


Whether treating a routine injury or training top level athletes, Commercial Fitness Solutions offers a wide range of specialized equipment tailored to your clients’ needs. CFS has guided many world-renown facilities to create spaces for every level of client.


Set yourself apart by offering amenities tailored to your brand. Compliment your spa with a space dedicated to total body wellness and relaxation. Partner with CFS to create memorable fitness and wellness amenities that will make your visitors never want to leave.



Since our inception, partnering with architects and designers has been our specialty. Collaborate with us early in the design process to incorporate details that are commonly overlooked in fitness spaces. We apply a keen eye towards aesthetics, liability, flow, ADA/IFI standards, noise transfer, electrical management, and much more.

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